In an interconnected world, where communications with clients have reached an unprecedented level of immediacy, productivity and efficiency in project cargo inspection services is much more demanding, as is its content in terms of clarity and quality, and delivery times. of results, reports and
certificates. For this, it is vital to have competent, motivated staff with an attitude of service from start to finish.

ALS works these concepts on a daily basis. According to Juan Alvarez, the company’s Commercial Manager, “we have a project cargo inspection area that provides effective solutions for the identification of damage and the control of risks associated with shipments and unloading, which helps reduce the possibility that the cargo is damaged or affected by incidents. “And in the event that the cargo suffers some eventuality, having a quality report supports the action of the claim. Knowing the magnitude of the impact and if it is possible to mitigate the damage will help in making decisions after the incident”, added the executive.

For companies that transport project cargo, having an independent and impartial report can be used as a perfect complement to a formal letter of claim in order to recover costs more easily and quickly.

ALS services in the project cargo inspection area are: Inspections of arrival and discharge of bulky, heavy and high-value cargo; Inspection of containers and their cargo due to theft and accidents; SOC container inspection and CSC condition validation; Inspection and certification of cargo lashing in accordance with maritime or road regulations; port-captain
/ Warranty Surveyor for insurance companies; Monitoring of project cargo unloading from the country of origin through unloading at the port to the final destination at the site; and advice on cargo care.

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