The international & national transportation and shopping of cargo leads to discrepancies between service providers; therefore, it is very important to establish the cargo condition while it is under custody, as well as when it is transferred from one provider to another, as well as factory conditions. The services of our company are integral, it means, we can carry out a tracking of your cargo from factory to ending point of arrival, at stacking area of ​​the project.

Certifying the proper maintenance of the cranes is essential for the Safety and Productivity of operations, two critical factors that reduce maintenance costs and extend the useful life of the equipment. Additionally:

  • The Operators and complete construction projects trust the mechanical, structural and functional performance of these units
  • It Increases Team Reliability
  • Achieves compliance with legal labour regulations and good practice in the industry
  • It Increases productivity
  • Reduces accidents, injuries and fatalities
  • Reduces Risks
  • It Increases efficiency in projects
  • Assists in the reduction of insurance premium payments


We ensure a quality service of visual inspection and load testing of the lifting equipment, for which we have qualified personnel and all the necessary equipment to perform the required tests.

The company is accredited under the NCh-ISO 17020: 2012 Standard by INN (OI 200 Certificate) for the following services:

  • Visual inspection and load test to mobile, articulated, telescopic and lattice cranes
  • Visual inspection and load test to Bridge Cranes and gantry cranes
  • Visual inspection and load test of under hook lifting equipment / accessories, Quadrants, Beams, Spreaders, platforms and grapple or grinding wheels

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