A Survey and certification Company that developed mobile applications
In the world of instantaneity, where communications happen in real time and the delays in the delivery of information are getting shorter, delaying one or two days in the preparation of a report is a thing of the past. MARSS International, Chilean company of inspection and certification of maritime services, cranes and industrial services, has decided to incorporate technology into their processes to optimize work times and delivery times to their customers.
Guido Poggi, general manager, says in an interview to MundoMaritimo what the motivation behind starting this technological crusade was. “We are a company with 30 years of experience in the market and we want to move forward 30 years in the future, and for that we must differentiate ourselves from our competitors by delivering a better service and bringing the customer to the center of the business. That’s why we decided to modernize our tools and adapt to the current times.
With more than 200 clients per year, divided between the different types of services, this was not a minor challenge. From certifications in ports to mechanical inspections of equipment, each contractor has a special requirement and MARSS was able to develop a mobile work tool for its inspectors to improve their experience in the field.
It is an app for mobile devices (cell phones or tablets) that is personalized for each inspector, depending on the client and type o service. The inspection with which you must work are previously loaded. The inspector initiates a session in his account, opens the corresponding form, completes it with the information and then sends it in pdf format to the selected recipients, either directly to the client or internally to MARSS for a final data check.
The application is controlled from the offices of MARSS, where they enable acces only to those clients that the inspector must report to and all data is handled with the utmost confidentiality.
Technology from the air
Another type of innovation is the use of a GoPro camera as part of the vehicle inspection service where each of the vehicles arriving in Chile is recorded with GoPro cameras, allowing the identification of the condition in which cars are received, minimizing the differences when delivering them to each of the participants in the transport chain.
Drones are also used to capture images of places and products and thus generate a reliable record of conditions in the field. The use of this type of technology not only saves operating costs of time and money, but it is a support for evidence of product quality.
MARSS International has offices in Valparaíso and Santiago, as well as an operational presence in the main ports of the country and a portfolio of international clients that guarantee the quality of its services.
Source: MundoMaritimo