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About Us

Experience, innovation, impartiality and coverage are the values that sustain our business development. Since 1987, we have been leaders in Inspection, Certification and Control services in the Maritime and Industrial field. With more than 30 years in national and international market, we get positioned as a reliable and impartial company that has a numerous team of professional surveyors that deliver high quality work.

We support our clients with innovation and efficiency in the most diverse areas; among them, Mining, Energy, Agricultural, Maritime and Port sectors. The focus on our clients and their satisfaction are our main goals. Our most important asset is our staff and Inspectors as it is through their professionalism, values ​​and focus that we fulfill the needs of our clients.

All of our Business Units ALS do not nor will have any relationship with the following type of services:

    • The spare parts sale.
    • Maintenance, repair or rental of cranes.
    • Representation of a certain brand.
    • Equipment design.

We aim to convey trust and calmness by supporting, validating and safeguarding the processes of our clients through independent, objective and standardized Inspection and Certification, where and when the client requires it.

To be the leading company in Inspection and Certification in the maritime, mining, agricultural and energy industry, in the national and international market, always accompanying our clients, supported by the quality of our services, innovation and reliability of each process.

Designed according to the specific needs of each client, our actions have the support of the highest technology, innovation and flexibility, involving the following Business Units.

Our Quality Policy

Our Services

Along with quality control, we emphasize data collection and analysis for the implementation of Continuous Improvement. Our services maintain synergy with all of our Business Units, based on a chain made of the values of experience, reliability and the use of new technologies.  

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In the middle of GloCal era, where living Local and thinking Global is the rule, our coverage services provide users with a permanent networking that covers the main poles of commercial exchange in the 5 Continents. With a strong presence in the Ibero-American + Asia region, we respond with COMMITMENT AND FOLLOW-UP to inspection and control requirements, both nationally and abroad.

With an international support network, it is always pleasing to serve our customers without borders or geographical limits.

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212, 2019

Gabriel Jarufe: “Las inspecciones industriales permiten asegurar el correcto funcionamiento de los equipos”

2 December 2019|

La inspección del equipamiento de transporte de carga es esencial para mantenerlo operando sin fallas y sin riesgos a la seguridad de los trabajadores. Por ello, ALS-MARSS cuenta con tecnologías de punta para entregar un completo portafolio de servicios de inspección para este tipo de equipamiento. Para conocer más sobre el [...]

3101, 2019

Effective January 29, 2019, ALS Acquired South American based company MARSS International

31 January 2019|

Effective January 29, 2019, ALS Acquired South American based company MARSS International. This acquisition supports ALS’ long-term strategy to diversify its inspection portfolio as well as significantly enhance service to customers at both ends of major mining, commodity trading and refining logistical routes. With an established network of experienced inspectors and [...]


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