Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, ALS Inspection has managed to sustain its services without interruption. ALS Inspection Chile stands out as a leading company in inspection, certification, and control operations in the maritime and industrial sectors, with a presence in all ports in Chile. In 2019, ALS Inspection UK, in its pursuit of expansion, acquired MARSS, a strategic partner since 2015, providing inspection services in the maritime, mining, and industrial sectors, as explained by Juan Álvarez, Commercial Manager of ALS Inspection Chile, during the VII Logistics and Foreign Trade Meeting (Enloce).

In the industrial sector, the company specializes in the inspection and certification of lifting equipment such as port cranes, mobile cranes, bridge cranes, and accessories under the hook, serving various industries. In the maritime sector, ALS Inspection covers inspections for all types of import and export cargo, particularly excelling in project cargoes for mining and renewable energy. Furthermore, Álvarez highlights the company’s capabilities in mineral-related services, including a laboratory accredited under ISO 17020:2012 and ISO 17025:2017 for humidity determination, sample preparation, and chemical analysis of mineral concentrates, validated by customs.

Addressing the logistical challenges arising from congestion in major ports globally, ALS Inspection Chile has faced increased inspection requests, especially for critical shipments such as food. The congestion has led to delays in Reefer containers, prompting requests for inspections to verify cargo conditions and investigate the causes of delays, determining responsibilities.

Álvarez notes the industry’s deficit in containers, leading to the reuse of containers without periodic inspections. ALS Inspection steps in to inspect and certify these containers according to the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) standards for maritime transport.

Regarding ship diversions due to port congestion in Chile during the pandemic, Álvarez emphasizes ALS Inspection’s role as a strategic partner for terminals. In ports where vehicle unloading had not been previously conducted, ALS Inspection actively participated, providing services and expertise to ensure safe operations, optimize time, and prevent damages.

Álvarez also highlights ALS Inspection’s preparedness for the pandemic, implementing a responsible campaign and thorough training for their personnel. This preparation allowed them to continue providing services seamlessly, meeting client needs without interruption despite the challenges posed by COVID-19.